Mormon Miscellaneous Radio Program – Van Hale

This is a bit off topic, but I wanted to let you all know something. Van Hale [1] has been operating a radio show in Salt Lake environs called “Mormon Miscellaneous.” The show has been running for nearly 30 years I believe, and is now on ktalk radio, KKTK AM 630 in the Salt Lake area and simultaneous internet feed at mms:// (there’s an mp3 stream too I think – check at It’s a live show, between 5 and 7PM (Mountain Time) on Sundays. Anyway I was a guest on the show last Sunday evening. It was a very interesting experience.

But the point is that Van has been ill for several weeks and the show is being hosted by a friend of his, Don Ormsby. The listener audience has probably shrunk some since Van has been out, but the show is such a unique resource that I thought I would put in a plug for it. I think you’ll get a kick out of a few of the callers. Hopefully, Van will be back in the saddle in a month or two.

[1] If you don’t know who Van is, you can’t be too deep into Mormon history. Van has done some really fine work. He’s also a bit of a polyglot, with wide interests in Mormonism in general. I think he’s spent 30% of his life in the LDS archives.

4 Responses to Mormon Miscellaneous Radio Program – Van Hale

  1. clarkgoble says:

    Is it available online as a podcast? I’m almost always busy Sunday evenings.

  2. Don says:

    I found Van online about a year or so. I really enjoy listening to his show. I get his podcast from I have been wondering why there had been no new shows since the 29th anniversary show. I was hoping he was just on vacation. I’m sorry to hear he is not well and hope he recovers soon!

  3. boaporg says:

    Just an update, Van has been back on the radio for a couple of weeks now. He’s still working on some memory difficulties, but coming along. Don Ormsby is still hosting. Also, they got the phones fixed!

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