A Note on Some Additions at boap.org – Church President’s Sermons

Since I’m not doing anything on the book at present, I wanted to tell you all that there is now a collection of sermons from other LDS church presidents besides Joseph Smith at boap.org. We have some from all but Thomas Monson up now. It’s certainly not a complete corpus, but there is a lot there. I think these are sermons of church presidents, while they held the office, not previous to that time. As I said, the collection is not complete by any stretch. You can find them by going to boap.org, the link is on the home page. You can Google search it or you can use your browser to text search individual presidents. The Hinckley collection is very small. Besides, we may end up removing the post-1971 stuff in any case.

If you have a request for something that is missing, I’ll try and get it added.


4 Responses to A Note on Some Additions at boap.org – Church President’s Sermons

  1. Matt W. says:

    This is great. I’d love to have post 1971 be available, though I know most of it’s available on LDS.org Your site is more search friendly, in my experience.

    • boaporg says:

      Sometimes the church copyright office can be sensitive to this sort of thing (post 1971 stuff). We’re pretty backwater so it may slide. At one point some years ago they objected to even a BYU intranet conference report. We’ll wait and see. If they want it gone, of course we will get rid of it.

  2. Tod Robbins says:

    This is really great. Would you be interested in someone putting all these sermons on a timeline? I think I might be able to help. Let me know if you are interested.

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