Millions Shall Know

Last night in the general priesthood meeting of the LDS general conference, my oldest son and I were sitting down front in the conference center. For the “rest” song, we sang W. W. Phelps’ hymn into which he poured his own eloquent feelings (and perhaps a little regret for the past) about Joseph Smith. The phrase, “millions shall know Brother Joseph again” always gets me. I choke up and can’t finish the song. I wondered if my youngest son, in the Brazilian MTC, was listening to those words with me. I hope so. I wish him powerful testimony.

2 Responses to Millions Shall Know

  1. Matt W. says:

    Not bad for a “Know it all”

  2. WVS says:

    Ok. Zing! But even know-it-alls can be helpful. Just ask my students!

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