Alexander Neibaur – Nauvoo Journal

Hugh Nibley’s great grandfather, Alexander Neibaur, was a Mormon convert who emigrated to Nauvoo, Ill. in 1841. His short Nauvoo journal is available now at It contains an interesting account of shipboard problems when Neibaur sailed from Liverpool to New Orleans. Neibaur tutored Joseph Smith in German, and Smith related several interesting incidents which Neibaur reports in his journal.

3 Responses to Alexander Neibaur – Nauvoo Journal

  1. todrobbins says:

    Thanks again W.V.!

  2. ricke says:

    Neibaur’s story about William Law and his wife is very interesting and reminded me of the story of Potiphar’s wife. Thanks for making it available.

  3. Jared T. says:

    Cool, thanks!

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