Joseph Smith’s Polyglot New Testament

When Joseph Smith lived in Nauvoo, Ill. he had acquired a polyglot NT. One can narrow down which one it was by the languages it contained. Hebrew, Greek, German, Latin. I’m not sure where he got it, but it might have been from Alex Neibaur. I’ve done a little searching for this NT, but have not found it. It’s not in the LDS archives, the CoC archives or the usual major libraries – unless of course it’s uncatalogued. So it may be in private hands, if it still exists at all. Joseph made reference to it in the King Follett sermon, which of course makes it relevant to this blog. So. Anyone out there know where this NT is? If you don’t want to reply by comment, you can email me at boap at boap dot org.

One Response to Joseph Smith’s Polyglot New Testament

  1. larryco_ says:

    It’s funny that before I read the part where you mentioned Neibaur, I thought to myself that he might be the one who gave JS the NT. Alexander Neibaur is one of the more interesting personalities who’s influence on Joseph Smith in Nauvoo is yet to be examined in it’s fullness. There are a number of ideas from that period that have a caballah-like flavor to them, and Neibaur may have stimulated Joseph’s thinking along that line. I hope researchers will dig more in to the connection.

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