Ten Thousand – A Milestone?

So our tiny blog here passed the 10K visitor mark a while back. I’ve only learned enough of blogging software to get by, but I did notice the total visits. So, thanks to you all for stopping here. I’m terribly busy right now so there is nothing new in this post, just wanted to note this. We’re not too important, and we have a pretty narrow focus, so 10,000 is not too bad for the 7 month anniversary, right?

P.S. I should add a thank you to Emily Jensen, Geoff J., J. Stapley, Angela Clayton, and some of the folks at JI for noticing us and spreading the word occasionally and the same to any others I’ve missed – thank you. Very kind of you.

3 Responses to Ten Thousand – A Milestone?

  1. Eric Nielson says:

    Congratulation. Your blog is becoming one of my favorites.

  2. ricke says:

    I definitely think congratulations are in order. I look forward to your posts.

  3. WVS says:

    Crongrats thankfully received guys.

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