Erin Burnett and Mormons on Wall Street and in Business

Not the usual thing you will see here!
But being the financial news junky that I am, I heard CNBC’s Erin Burnett’s piece today about Mormons. On her recent junket to China, she spent some time with Jon Huntsman, Jr., US ambassador to China as well as a set of elders (missionaries) there. It was the typically compressed, can’t say much, kind of thing, but generally it was fair and she did an interesting job of linking missionary language skills with future business careers. “If you’re going to do business on the street these days, you better deal with a Mormon first” or something akin to that, was a kind of motto she quoted. She noted the tendency of Mormons to hire Mormons and that at Goldman, the percentage of Marriott School grads and Wharton grads is about the same, at least that’s what I thought she said, from the other room while trying to proof KFD1 ms history text for the book. There! this post is not irrelevant! (g) Anyway, go over to her blog or see if you can get the replay at

She did offer one interesting thing regarding one of the sister missionaries she interviewed. Remarking that most Mormons on the street are male, she said that the sister miss. was planning on being a homemaker, wanted 5 (Erin placed a kind of ! in there I think) kids but actually hoped to use the missionary language skill too.

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