Preexistence: Reviewing the Review of Terryl Givens

So, in the spirit of bringing back the dead this summer, I offer up again my review of Terryl Givens’ book, When Souls Had Wings. It’s a fine book, and deserves a read from anyone who has even a remote interest in religion and its history. The subject is fascinating I think. You won’t find an apology for Mormonism here although the author is a Latter-day Saint, but you do get to peak under the shroud covering some obscure history, discarded by those who perhaps ought to pay some attention to it. The old chestnuts are alive and well. Have some fun:

A Review of Terryl Givens, When Souls Had Wings: Pre-Mortal Life in Western Thought

2 Responses to Preexistence: Reviewing the Review of Terryl Givens

  1. larryco_ says:

    I’ve always perferred the term “premortal existence’ to preexistence. “Pre-existence”, in Mormon/King Follett sermon terms, seems like an oxymoron (oxymormon?), implying a time before spirit “intelligences”, however you define that.

  2. W. V. Smith says:

    I think premortal has become more common in Mormon discourse, but preexistence is a well-worn term both inside and outside Mormonism whose meaning is understood, despite its form I suppose. Given’s uses pre-mortal on occasion I believe, although I don’t have the book here to check.

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