Mormon Communitarianism- Distinct by Eschatology

Mormon communitarianism came close on the heals of a number of such experiments. Robert Owen’s communities had an influence on Mormonism because several Owenite co-ops existed in the vicinity of Kirtland just prior to the advent of the Lamanite Missionaries landing there. When Parley Pratt, Ziba Peterson, Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer came through Ohio during the fall before the hard winter of 1830-31, they found an Owenite inspired commune on the Isaac Morley farm. Some of the interesting details are in Mark Staker, Hearken O Ye People. (Kofford, 2010). This does have something to do with Joseph Smith’s funeral sermons:

Albert Brisbane and Joseph Smith

4 Responses to Mormon Communitarianism- Distinct by Eschatology

  1. WVS says:

    Morley’s farm commune had Owenite roots for several reasons, but was also a part “Bishop” Sidney Rigdon’s Campbell-Scott congregations nearby.

  2. WVS says:

    P.S. You can see Staker’s list of errata in his volume by clicking the link.

  3. Tod Robbins says:

    Are you referring to Morley’s Settlement near Nauvoo? I had numerous ancestors involved in the founding of that one.

  4. Tod Robbins says:

    Uh… Ignore that last quote. I read the post more carefully. 🙂

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