Ok. Wow.

Just got to say it. Wow. All about Mormons. Sheesh.

11 Responses to Ok. Wow.

  1. Eric Nielson says:

    Um, I liked it. Probably no surprise.

    • WVS says:

      I don’t think you really liked this, Eric. You just didn’t read it carefully. And if you did, I apologize.

      • Eric Nielson says:

        I have read this very brief article about four times now. You can criticize his lack of scolarship and thoroughness, but you basically provide nothing here other than to imply that anyone who is more-or-less okay with it is stupid.

        I certainly admit that the article provides a grossly oversimplified article with a sort of McConkie type smugness about it. The article is something of a one-way street for sure. But what should one expect from such a short article?

        I fail to see where this is significantly different from explanation one can find in ‘Gosple Principles’ or ‘True to the faith’, or many manuals other than there are a few common speculative details thrown in. I suspect that many rank-and-file members would read this without batting an eye.

        I am not sure what you are apologizing for. But I suspect it is for the fact that I am a complete fool that your informative critique has masterfully exposed.

      • J. Stapley says:

        Eric, I wouldn’t get too excited. WVS is, after all, a tripartite man. But you have to admit that the article is pretty awful, no?

    • Eric Nielson says:


      I would say that the article expresses one point of view, which I happen to mostly share. I would say that the article is one-sided and incomplete, but not awful. I am not sure what one would expect from a one page article.

  2. C Jones says:

    Sweet 🙂

  3. Matt W. says:

    One problem with this article is it mainly fails to recognize any difference between the BH Roberts view and the Brigham Young view or pre-mortal existence. It takes a very typical approach of assuming all quotes are correct and all agree.

    WVS, I’d love to know which parts you object to.

    • WVS says:

      Not only does it fail to recognize Roberts, it (essentially) ignores Joseph as well. It takes MGR and BRM as gospel (and doesn’t bother to reference the key spirit element quote from Mormon doctrine (“life”)). Not only do we have poor scholarship here, we have an apparently nonexistent editor.

  4. J. Stapley says:

    Way to send me into to seizures, WVS.

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