Where is Zion?

Blair Hodges’ recent interview with Richard Bushman brought to mind some old ponderings that I have resurrected for the book on Joseph’s sermons. The tandem evolution of concepts of Zion, consecration, temple, millennium and gathering find a discursive foundation in Joseph’s sermons.
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Growth of the Church in 100 years

What is the future growth of the Church? We get many scriptural paintings of it: the stone cut out of the mountain, the leaven in the lump, the people of God are small compared to the world, etc., etc. The Stark predictions of hundreds of millions in this century are not panning out, and as Richard Bushman noted in Blair Hodges recent podcast, perhaps Mormons will always remain a very small fraction of world population.
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It’s the sin of the ages in academia. You don’t take someone else’s work and put it out as your own. There are many famous cases of plagiarism in academia and if you want to expand the field a little to journalism and pop literature not to mention music, there are several recent high-profile cases. Borderline stuff goes on all the time. For example, graduate students get pillaged of their ideas in research projects, often with a footnote non-specific acknowledgement. I’ve been the subject of plagiarism a few times (that I know of). The first time it happened, I really got angry. I was out shopping for a job, fresh Ph.D., showcased some of my dissertation at a lecture, and a few months later found parts of my work in one of the interviewer’s submitted manuscripts. I was mighty peeved. It feels like you’ve been violated.
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D&C 10. Part 3. Text Evolution in Verses 1-19.

This continues part 1 and part 2 of the discussion. I’ve been very busy lately and have not had time to complete the discussion of D&C 10. However, this part has been in the can for some time, and so I thought I should put it up to prove I have not disappeared! Enjoy.

Like many of Joseph Smith’s canonical revelations, the text of D&C 10 underwent modification over time. In this part we look at text evolution from the Book of Commandments imprint to the 1835 D&C for verses 1-19 of the latter (that text is very close to the current LDS 1981 edition and we use its verse structure for ease of reference). We repeat the parallel texts (in a modified way) from part 2 for this purpose. Altered text is in red, eliminated text in blue:
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Check out Blair Hodges’ Article in the new issue of Dialogue

Dialogue 43/3 (Fall 2010): 21-61. (Way to go Kristine.)

“All Find What They Truly Seek”: C. S. Lewis, Latter-day Saints, and the Virtuous Unbeliever.

Nicely done, Blair. Nicely done.