Jonathan Edwards Center

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale U., in the business of editing and publishing Edwards’ papers, is looking for some donations to help keep the project running and to keep online access to the papers free (that’s right, no cost). This is a project worthy of support, I believe. An open letter from general editor Henry Stout follows:

An Open Letter and an Appeal from the General Editor

Over the past decade, the Jonathan Edwards Center has seen its activities widen and its offerings
multiply in some amazing ways. We also have high hopes for the future and there is much work still to be done.

The mission of the Jonathan Edwards Center is to support inquiry into the life, writings, and legacy
of Jonathan Edwards by providing resources that encourage critical appraisal of his historical
importance and contemporary relevance as North America’s premier Protestant theologian. The
primary way that we do this is with the Works of Jonathan Edwards Online ( a digital learning environment for research, education and publication developed in-house, that presents, free of charge, all of Edwards’s writings amounting to 75 volumes of material, along with educational resources that allow the reader to examine Edwards’ thought.

As an indication of its global attraction, the JEC site now sees average annual traffic of nearly half a million unique visitors from over 120 countries. As never before, Edwards is now a global
phenomenon, and as result the edition has been profoundly transformed. To fully serve and reach its users, and to encourage readership, education, and dialogue, the JEC has created a network of
affiliate Edwards Centers supporting international research. Currently, these centers include locations in Illinois, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil, and we are in negotiation with institutions in other countries to host similar centers.

Looking to the future, the JEC plans to build on and expand its activities and offerings. An integral
part of the JEC’s new direction is the creation of curricular materials on Edwards and related topics both in print and digitally. The JEC also plans to begin continuing educational opportunities for clergy, professionals, scholars, and lay leaders in the form of workshops and institutes.

Thus far, we have been fortunate in creating partnerships with foundations, government agencies,
and individual donors. By virtue of the support offered by donors, users have been able to enjoy free access to the Edwards corpus for nearly seven years. But this does cost a considerable amount of support to maintain.

On behalf of the staff of the JEC, I am calling on users of the Edwards archive and those in
sympathy with the JEC’s mission to contribute what they can to keep this service free for others. If
you yourself are not able to give, perhaps you know someone to whom you can refer us. Many thanks and blessings to you for your past, present, and future interest in the Edwards Center.

Harry S. Stout

Because the JEC is a small organization, every little bit helps. Below are suggested annual membership rates, however, any donation is gratefully accepted.

Northampton Member: $5,000
East Windsor Member: $1,000
New Haven Member: $500
Stockbridge Member: $300
Princeton Member: $100
New York City Member: $50
Bolton Member: $20
Please send your tax-deductible donation, in a check, to:

The Jonathan Edwards Center
Yale Divinity School
409 Prospect St.
New Haven, Connecticut 06511 USA

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