Final Exam

1. The Jewish hope that the coming of Elijah would solve the Talmudic mysteries of the Rabbi’s was a far too narrow one for Joseph Smith, though he shared a similar hope in the events of the eschaton.[Reference?]

2. Who besides Joseph Smith connected Elijah to Matt 16:19?

2 Responses to Final Exam

  1. J. Stapley says:

    1. I seem to remember a JS sermon were he ties Elijah into the restoration of all things, including the mysteries of past dispensations; but I’d have to cheat and text search through his sermons to find it.

    2. This seems like something that isn’t particularly idiosyncratic, so I would imagine that many people did. But I’ll go with Campbell for fun.

  2. WVS says:

    The class cannot properly be graded, since only one person took the test. The class fails. Bwahahahahahaha!

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