Joseph Smith’s Birthday – Celebrate it Much?

We generally do a little bit of celebration on Joseph Smith’s birthday and I’m curious if anyone out there might do the same. We usually make a cake and that’s about it. On the 200th anniversary, we got more into it, with a quiz (by me) a dinner by my wife and various fun signage around the house + a sing in or at least everyone sang happy birthday that year.

5 Responses to Joseph Smith’s Birthday – Celebrate it Much?

  1. Kosmo says:

    We put up an aluminum pole. Have feats of strength followed by the airing of grevanances.

  2. Aaron says:

    Years ago many wards celebrated his birthday with a special program in church. In fact, we celebrated so much that nonmembers criticized us as favoring Joseph Smith over Jesus. Frankly, I’m glad we don’t do that anymore.

    • WVS says:

      That’s interesting. I’ve never been in a ward that had any kind of acknowledgement of the date unless perhaps it fell on a Sunday, when someone might mention it in a talk or lesson.

  3. Raegan Baker says:

    I really don’t have an official celebration of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith. However I always mark it on my calendar and on that day I take a few moments and think about what he did and how grateful I am that it truth was restored. It is also kind of a special time for me as my mom passed away 3 years ago on the 20th of December. I guess you could say that December is a month where I have many changes to think about what others have done for me in the past.

  4. Dustin says:

    My ward celebrated it in 2005 in connection with the memorial broadcast from his birthplace that was done by the Church. There was a cake decorated by a sister in our ward with Joseph’s likeness (from one of the more modern paintings that the Church uses). Other than that, no, I’ve never done anything special.

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