JSPP – Introduction of Revelations and Translations Volume 2

News! Release of the JSP Revelations and Translations vol. 2: Published Revelations. The book has scans of Oliver Cowdery’s Book of Commandments

CHL: Cumorah Room
Rick Turley: World of the Book, The Digital World. Decision: publish 20-22 books in JSP, but every bit on digital. JSPP midway between worlds. Goes through planned volumes. Talks about large format of Rev and Trans (sold 32,000 -wow). a new 7×10 version without the images comes out today. Today announcing volume 2- published versions. [Interruptions due to communications problems. Online people can’t hear things. Updates on comments.]

26 Responses to JSPP – Introduction of Revelations and Translations Volume 2

  1. WVS says:

    Rick Turley shows copies of Book of Commandments represented in the volume. Wilford Woodruff’s and some of Oliver Cowdery’s BoC. Books worth 7 figures.

    images of an 1835 D&C plus images of 1840 edition. Also contains Evening and Morning Star excerpted revelations, and other stuff.

  2. Tod Robbins says:

    Bill are you at a news event?

  3. WVS says:

    Robin Jensen: volume contains every published compilation during JS’s lifetime. Some broadsides and singles not represented. The revelations were used as a tool to determine succession, etc. after JS’s death.

  4. WVS says:

    Robin on BC: it’s incomplete. Not all the intended revelations made it in surviving volumes. Explains setup of volumes. This is a textual study (yay!). The images are line numbered. JSPP crew present in the volume a proposed completion of BC.

  5. WVS says:

    Volume has prints and reprints of revelations in both versions of the Star.

  6. Tod Robbins says:

    So this is the Kirtland Revelation Book volume, correct?

  7. WVS says:

    Robin: explains D&C. For each revelation, source texts identified. About 90% of cases this can be done.

  8. WVS says:

    Contents: Woodruff’s BC, parts of Cowdery’s BC, 1835 D&C, 1844 D&C (seven items appear in 1844 not in 1835 -the rest is the same as 1835). Biographical info on those working in printing offices plus editors. Also speaks to the code-words.

  9. dltayman says:

    This is for JSP:RT2, which should be on my doorstep any minute now, according to FedEx…

    Is this a press event?

  10. WVS says:

    Riley Lorimer (spelling?)- copy editor – type setter – designer of volume: Duotone photographs used instead of full color. Full color requires much more expense, that was the main decider.

  11. WVS says:

    Riley talks about Star publications. D&C 20 example. Ordination of priests, teachers, licenses. 1835 version ads two paragraphs about high priests, etc. Book is a great resource to see how Church organization evolved. Textual presentation shows how these additions occurred. Great stuff.

  12. WVS says:

    13 items suggested as additions for BC. Measuring signature word content helped to place those last 13. Extant BC has 5 gatherings, one more added.

  13. WVS says:

    Asked Robin privately about accounting for stop press changes and the like. Robin said they tried to catch some of that for BC, but for the 1835 D&C it was beyond what they felt they could do in a reasonable time.

  14. WVS says:

    Rick Turley predicts 2 volumes of JSPP per year for the next several years. No specific ordering in volume categories.

  15. WVS says:

    Questions about how volumes have been accepted. JSPP has been active in promoting the volumes, research libraries are picking them up gradually.

  16. WVS says:

    Question: do these volumes contain all of JS’s revelation corpus. Answer: No (it’s a bit more complex than that) but all of them will appear either in Document series or online.

  17. WVS says:

    Rick Turley: 65,000 copies of Journals 1 are out there. No decision on whether council of 50 minutes will come out. Some of these administrative items are discussed heavily. Next journals volume goes 1841- April 1843.

  18. WVS says:

    If council of 50 minutes are ever considered, I’d work for free to edit. hehe.

  19. David G. says:

    Thanks, WVS. Did anyone ask about DesBooks refusal to offer the volume through Amazon or BN.com (I had one pre-ordered on BN.com, but they canceled it the other day)?

  20. Clair says:

    Will, Now I remember how I knew you — through your great boap project (that I’ve been following since it was available only through ftp). It was nice to meet you.

    And … great report!

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