33rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Documentary Editing Salt Lake City-Call for Papers

The Association for Documentary Editing invites proposals for papers, roundtables, and/or panels for the organization’s 33rd national meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, 20-22 October 2011. With the theme, “On the Frontiers of Documentary Editing,” this year’s meeting will be held in Salt Lake City’s downtown Marriott Hotel. This is ADE’s last autumn conference; subsequent annual meetings will coincide with a summer editing institute.
The ADE Program Committee hopes that prospective presenters will interpret our theme as widely as possible, to include methodological “frontiers” as well as chronological or spatial frontiers such as the American West. We also encourage submissions from solo editor projects and from those in early stages of organization.
Abstracts of maximum 500 words are due by 1 April 2011. In a separate paragraph state your name, address, telephone number, email and project, organizational, or institutional affiliation, if any. Please send abstracts within the body of an email and as an attached Word document to:
Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, Ph.D.
Chair, ADE Program Committee
Department of English
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
Email: CDBL@Brown.edu
See http://documentaryediting.org/meeting/index.html for more conference information.

Journal of Priddy Meeks

Early Mormon Priddy Meeks was a Lobelia Doctor and his reminiscences are filled with fascinating medical opinions and experiences as well as much of early Utah pioneer life. You can now find a copy at boap.org: The Journal of Priddy Meeks. Enjoy.