ADE Annual Meeting

Interested parties, take note. Mormon presence here, folks. Note the deadline for applications for the “Digital Documentary Editions” workshop is 15 July. (Workshop runs from noon Tues. 18 Oct, to noon, Thur. 20 Oct.)

Association for Documentary Editing
2011 Annual Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City Marriott Hotel
October 20-22, 2011

Here’s the prelim. program: (Note the presentation on Hoffmann by ACH Turley.)

Session One: Defining Frontiers: Politics, Place, and Persona in Editing Nineteenth-Century Documents
Chair: J. Kent Calder, Executive Director, Texas State Historical Association

Rowena McClinton, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, “William Wirt and the Cherokees: Editing and Annotating Volumes Seven through Fourteen of the John Howard Payne Papers”

Stephen S. Witte, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, “Editing the Journals of a Scientific Traveler: The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied”

Frank Christianson, Brigham Young University, “Buffalo Bill Cody and the Auto-American Biography: The Problem of Annotating for Authenticity”

Breakfast Presentation: The Utah Indian Curriculum Project
Matthew Basso, Director, and Vincent Fazzi, Assistant Director, American West Center, University of Utah

Session Two: Editing the Self-Conscious Author
Chair: Robert H. Hirst, General Editor, Mark Twain Papers, University of California – Berkeley

Aaron Crawford, The Ulysses S. Grant Association, “‘Clairvoyant Vision’: Editing The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant”

Eileen Hunt Botting, University of Notre Dame, “Intertextuality, Narrative Technique, and the Issue of Women’s Public Speech: The Case of Hannah Mather Crocker’s Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston”

Kenneth Price, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “Clerk Whitman: Seer of Democracy and Bureaucracy”

Session Three: High Stakes: Editors Confront Forgery and Deceit
Chair: James P. McClure, Senior Associate Editor, Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton University

Edward G. Lengel, Papers of George Washington, “Forging George Washington: A History of 200 Years of Deceit”

Richard E. Turley, Jr., Joseph Smith Papers, “The Hofmann Forgeries”

Martha Nell Smith, University of Maryland and Dickinson Electronic Archives, “Constructing the Object of Her Affections, Or … Saving Private Emily (Dickinson)”

Session Four: Lone Rangers: Roundtable on Solo Editing
Chair: Beverly Wilson Palmer, Pomona College; Letters of Florence Kelley

Kate Lynch, Independent Researcher, “Dirck Dey, Dutch West India Soldier and Manhattan Landowner”

Helen Deese, Journals of Caroline Healey Dall/Massachusetts Historical Society, “Confessions of an Accidental Editor”

Frances Huessy, Independent Researcher, “And Miles to Go Before I Sleep: Editing the Polymath Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy”

Session Five: Crossing Borders: From the Local to the Global
Chair: TBA

Annemarie Kets, Huygens Institute of the History of The Netherlands and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, “Old Sources, New Challenges”

Eef Dijkhof, Huygens Institute of the History of The Netherlands and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, “Old Documents, New Perspectives: Editing and Researching Medieval Charters in The Netherlands”

Henk Wals, Huygens Institute of the History of The Netherlands, “The 17th Century Learned Correspondences Project”

Session Six: The Prospect Ahead: New Ways of Seeing the Landscape of Your Content
Chair: Ondine LeBlanc, Director of Publications, Massachusetts Historical Society

Dale S. Brenneman, Arizona State Museum, “Divergent Perspectives as Laminated Voices: Entrada to the Northwestern Frontier of New Spain”

Debbie Liles, University of North Texas, “The Digital Version of Texas During the Stephen F. Austin Era: How Digital Mapping Creates New Perspectives in History”

Alex Gil, University of Virginia and Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes (ITEM), “Livisibilité and Deep Representation: Design in Scholarly Editions Online”

Session Seven: Online Publishing and the NHPRC — The Road Forward
Co-Chairs: Kathleen Williams (Executive Director) and Timothy Connelly (Director for Publications), National Historical Publications & Records Commission.

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