Scripture Poll #1: Doctrine and Covenants

Scripture Poll #1. To fulfill my curiosity I offer this poll. Explain your answers in the comments.

7 Responses to Scripture Poll #1: Doctrine and Covenants

  1. Dustin says:

    I last read it in its entirety about a year ago, and I happened to be studying it a little more in depth as pertaining to its historical context than I normally do at that time. I have been studying mainly topically since that time, but I generally come back to it (as with the other standard works) every year or two to read lid to lid (although with the D&C, I don’t think that it was originally intended to be read that way. But I still do it).

    All of my children are little, so we do read the scripture story books with the pictures, and the Doctrine and Covenants are in our rotation.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Andrew says:

    I voted Other. I have read it straight through a couple times on my own. My wife and I have been intermittently reading one section at a time (differing work schedules and our 7 month old first child sometimes mess with our family scripture study). And recently I have been frequently returning to certain sections such as 1, 45, 76, and 88.

  3. Eric Nielson says:

    I think you need an option for reading parts of it here and there. It is sort of like a reference for me, rather than a novel to read from front to back.

  4. Coffinberry says:

    Yeah, the frequency options leave something to be desired. Besides reading parts here and there for personal edification or lesson preparation, the Doctrine & Covenants is in our spousal scripture rotation (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Book of Mormon, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, New Testament, repeat — the Books in the Pearl of Great Price are read in with the appropriate other Standard works). In the 25 years we’ve been married, we’ve read the Old Testament at least 4 times, so we’ve probably read the Doctrine & Covenants at least that many times too. Then for family scripture time, the focus is mainly Book of Mormon but from time to time (usually as the kids have it in Seminary) we have read the Doctrine & Covenants through a couple of times, too. Like Dustin, when the kids were very little (none of them are any more now that I’m the shortest in the family!) we used the picture stories; we made it through those at least twice.

  5. kevinf says:

    As I put it in other, I read from it frequently, but not serially. It’s a different kind of text, and I tend to read it based on topics. I think the only time I have read it front to back was in Seminary, and once or twice while teaching it in Gospel Doctrine.

  6. Ben s says:

    I spend most of my time with the Old Testament and Book of Mormon. I remember doing the D&C once cover to cover on my mission. Since then… here and there.

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