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“How We Got the Book of Mormon” – A Review

A few months ago I was invited to review a new book titled How We Got the Book of Mormon. Given that title, I thought the book would be concerned with issues of translation, or criticism of Joseph Smith as translator. In fact, the book has a much wider sweep. Perhaps a better title might have been, “how we got the current edition of the Book of Mormon.” In fact, that is a title I can get into, fascinated as I am with texts, their development and criticism. Indeed, the book follows a long tradition of the many volumes similarly titled: How We Got the Bible, and variations on the theme.
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KFD5: The June 16, 1844 Discourse

Sometimes called the “Sermon in the Grove,” this speech is the last of the Sunday sermons of JS.
I really don’t have too much to say about this right now except that the manuscript evidence is fascinating. Of course you’re reading a text geek here. The manuscript development up to publication in the Deseret News is just downright cool. The variants after that are interesting to me, but the fun part so far is in 1844 and 1855-6. I think that this will result in some changes in the way we see this discourse and its content as a Church (ok, that’s probably over-stepping things, but it is fun stuff). Anyway, it’s a very interesting text and I promise to display some of this as I get things more settled with the gene-critical stuff. Over at BCC I’m going to put up some of the genetic text for KFD2 (King Follett sermon to you) or KFD1, sometime after things die down over there.