The Summer Review: “In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

It’s summer. The crush of events at work and at home means I’ll be posting some items from the past for a while. I’m starting with one of most consistently popular things to ever appear here. So here you go, back from the archives:


Mormons end virtually every public sermon, testimony, lesson, prayer, etc. with these words. Why? A number of scriptural justifications could be offered. But I’m more interested in the sermon angle. After sitting through the Saturday conference sessions, I wondered when this tradition started in Utah Mormonism. It doesn’t seem to be shared by other Joseph Smith-based faith traditions, at least that I can see with a cursory review. It was not used regularly as a sermon tag line in Nauvoo. And believe me, I’ve looked at that. (But see Joseph’s blessing ending on April 13, 1843 for example.)
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A Poem by David Smith, Joseph Smith’s Youngest Child

Came across this interesting bit (c1861) while hunting for sermon stuff.
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Liahona The Elders Journal Where did you go?

Liahona The Elders Journal was a Mormon missionary publication active in the central states during the first half of the 20th century. For a while it was available via the Brigham Young University Digital Collections. Apparently they merely had a link to images provided by the LDS Family History servers for this particular item.

But now it’s gone! Please, powers that be, bring it back! Such a great resource in the study of Mormonism.

Revival Sermon: Preaching as Lived Religion.

Nineteenth century sermons are rather hard to come by in terms of listener reaction/reception. Here is one I came across. While pursuing some diaries for sermon accounts I found this from a non-believing observer of a Methodist service: (spelling, etc. as in the original)
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Jonathan Edwards Center Announces New Sermon Initiative. You Become the Editor.

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