A Poem by David Smith, Joseph Smith’s Youngest Child

Came across this interesting bit (c1861) while hunting for sermon stuff.

[Civil War Song to the tune of Auld Lang Syne]

And shall our country be forgot,
Our flag be used unkind?
Shall traitors tread it under foot
And never be brought to mind?

Shall queens and tyrants o’er the sea
Laugh our bright land to scorn,
And fling it in our teeth that we
Are of our glory shorn?

Shall copper-headed snakes go mad
And work our country ill;
Shall evil things of her be said
And we sit calmly still?

And shall the turkey buzzard come
With all her filth and dirt,
And violate the eagle’s home
And yet receive no hurt?

Oh! no the eagle in her flight
Will tear her limb from limb;
We will replace each missing stripe,
Nor let a star grow dim.

O! no as long as union men
Are leagued with purpose strong.
We’ll bring our country back again
And crush the rebel throng.

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