Summer Review: Is Reality Consistent With First Order Predicate Calculus?

The whole of science is based on answering yes to that question. But what about religion? At least from Augustine to Aquinas, people hoped the answer was yes. Of course they wouldn’t have used the same terminology.
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Summer Review: A Systematic Theology: B. H. Roberts Dream

[Another blast from the past.]

In 1912, Brigham Henry Roberts had finished his editorial adventure in LDS church history with the closing of his introductory essay to volume 6 of the History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His final paragraph reads:
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Summer Review: Joseph Smith’s Dispensational Transition

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In Joseph Smith’s “first” King Follett discourse (March 10, 1844) he codifies a bit of Mormonism that had been fluttering around its edges from the beginning: the transition from beginning the movement to fleshing it out. There are many ways this plays out between 1820 and 1844. As Pete Crawley astutely observed: Read more of this post

Election Day at Gallatin

Here’s a bit of 4th of July thinking. But don’t let it get you down.

The rough and tumble politics of the Jacksonian Era has a distinct Mormon example. Precipitating the Missouri-Mormon War, the election day riot at Gallatin, Missouri, August 6, 1838, placed Daviess County Mormons in the position of defending their vote with a little assertiveness. [1]
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