Joseph Smith Papers Releases “Histories 2”

I’ll live blog this event here.

11 Responses to Joseph Smith Papers Releases “Histories 2”

  1. WVS says:

    Elder Snow present and announces Histories 2, calls JSPP the “lunar mission of the church” as we have learned so much so far.

  2. WVS says:

    Acknowledges church generosity and the Miller family.

  3. WVS says:

    Five series will appear in print. Plan is to publish two volumes per year, next year two volumes of Document series.

  4. WVS says:

    Karen Davidson, the 2 Histories volumes overlap chronologically. Vol. 2 has John Whitmer history, W. W. Phelps assigned to write a history (single article in Evening and Morning Star). John Corrill’s history, Edward Partridge’s history.

  5. WVS says:

    We’re having technical problems with sound. I could tell you who is causing it, but I won’t mention any names (grin).

  6. WVS says:

    Some of Partridge’s proposed 11 installments of the Missouri troubles are in the volume.

  7. WVS says:

    Richard Jensen up now, talking about the contributions to the volume. Not objective history, but not the point to contextualize here, this is a documentary volume. Jensen talks about some features that expand our knowledge on early trouble in Jackson (1832). Interesting stuff.

  8. WVS says:

    Partridge observes that the mob offered to let any Mormons who wanted to denounce the faith, stay. Partridge only completes 3 of assigned “chapters” (he dies in 1840).

  9. WVS says:

    Richard Jensen notes some interesting side notes on Doniphan and then Haun’s Mill.

  10. WVS says:

    More on print edition. The multivolume history eventually edited by B. H. Roberts and published , 1902-1912 will have the backing manuscripts on the JSPP website with source explanations by Dean Jessee. Manuscript of Partridge’s history came from First Presidency vault as did RB1, etc. Website now updated with more material and ms history volumes (three up by end of the year), Abraham manuscripts up now and more coming. (

  11. WVS says:

    Matt Grow: the documents series will have as many volumes as the other series combined.

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