Faith Alone

Recently I saw this contribution to the book Bountiful Harvest: Essays in Honor of S. Kent Brown (Provo, 2012). Brown’s career is full of careful if understated scholarship on religion and the Ancient Near East. This book is well-deserved and a fine addition to any library. One particular contribution to the collection is by Kevin L. Barney, titled “‘Faith Alone’ in Romans 3:28 JST.” You can read this online here. I recommend a read for an illuminating excursion through some of the issues surrounding the post title.

Joseph Smith Papers – Histories I: Collectors Edition

If you’re into the collectors series and haven’t got the word, Histories I is now available in leather. Numbered copies. here’s what it looks like.

Jonathan Edwards Papers Goes Pop Digital

The Jonathan Edwards Center has announced a new way to read the online Jonathan Edwards Papers materials: A new iTunes app:


From the Archives: The Length of a Papyrus Scroll

Revival- server problem corrected. Sorry, just forgot about this.

A while ago, someone asked me a question about determining the length of a papyrus scroll  (before you unroll it obviously). The question pertained specifically to, you guessed it, P. Joseph Smith (the document of breathing part). I thought about this for a few minutes and it’s really not a hard problem.

The inverse problem, deciding what a scroll looked like in its rolled state, if you encounter it unrolled may be of interest, but both problems are connected to basically the same set of measurements. A more interesting problem is estimating the maximum length of a scroll when only a fragment is available.

Some of you geeks might be interested in how it goes, if you haven’t already guessed it.  This of course is clearly connected to the name of this blog, if not to the charter, but, rules are made to be broken (again and again).  Have a little sleep-inducing fun (warning, it’s a pdf doc):


The Projected Volumes of the Joseph Smith Papers

Observe the documents volumes. Drool.