Muggles, Mormons and Theology

“Mainstream” Protestantism during Joseph Smith’s lifetime was locked in important controversies over things like the nature and extent of freewill, grace, perfectionism, slavery and the like.

But drop groups like the Mormons or Shakers into the discussion and those other disagreements paled.
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“Outlines of Mormon Philosophy” and the King Follett Discourse

Lycurgus Arnold Wilson was born in Salem, Utah in 1856.[1] Wilson did a stint as a school teacher in Utah valley and then decided on the Law as profession, eventually founding the firm, Booth and Wilson. In 1891, Wilson became tithing clerk for Presiding Bishop William B. Preston.[2]
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Hurray! Chapter 6 Rewrite is DONE.

Yup. Done. Using LaTex to typeset is great but sometimes TeDiOus.

Julian P. Boyd Award Nominations

This is a call for nominations for persons to receive the 2013 Julian P. Boyd Award, to be presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Documentary Editing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in July 2013. The Julian P. Boyd Award is the highest award presented by the ADE. It was established in 1980 through the contribution of an anonymous donor. The award commemorates Boyd’s commitment to excellence and the breadth of his scholarly interests. First presented in 1981, the Boyd Award is now given every three years to a senior scholar in honor of a distinguished contribution to the study of American history and culture.
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I Hope They Call Me On a Mission now takes a proactive look at serving. That’s the male version. It makes the “above the fold” position. But there is a link inside the piece for women.

Now, I understand the logic here. The current view is that men are obligated to serve. Women are not. But it seems like we ought to want mission prep for women out front, considering that internal estimates place women at near half the missionary force within a relatively short time. It’s even hidden in the “youth” page. Do better.

Jonathan Edwards and the Eugenics Movement

Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale announces:

Public Lecture “Jonathan Edwards and the Eugenics Movement” Prof. Ava Chamberlain, Wright State University February 4, 2013, Noon Yale Divinity School Common Room 409 Prospect St. New Haven, CT 06511