Charles W. Penrose and Adam-God

Joseph F. Smith noted the following in his journal p. 81, 1912.

“Our Father Adam by C. W. Penrose– Impt. Era, vol. 5– pages: 873 to 880-” Important for what it doesn’t say as well as what it does. Even more important is JFS’s notation.

8 Responses to Charles W. Penrose and Adam-God

  1. ricke says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by JFS’s notation. Do you mean that he noted that the article had been published, or did he annotate the article itself? Was Penrose a proponent of AG? (I haven’t read the article that Seth linked to.)

    • WVS says:

      Notation=diary entry. His recognition of the article is important and it presages the appearance of the 1916 “Doctrinal Exposition.” The Godhead regulation.

  2. aeon3k says:

    Improvement era vol 5 link to the txt version of the article. Other versions are available.

  3. Pierre says:

    Link to the article:

    Br Penrose mentions the fact that Adam is an exalted being. What does it mean ? Is it necessary for spirits to come to earth in order to qualify for exaltation (except for Christ) ? Are there other “gods” (with small g) on earth ?

    • Kurt says:

      On a side note, were you inferring in your comment that the Savior didn’t require mortality and those things inherent in it (e.g., receiving a body, etc.) to qualify for (the fullness) of exaltation?

  4. jpv says:

    Last time you quoted something in archives, I was able to take a look and unearth the PB/seerstone nugget during Education Week, this time not so much. I finally was able to unearth it in a diary (is the British sense) of the Sel. Col. only to find out you’d already quoted the entry in its entirety. =)

    Interesting, last time I did an in-depth into AG, it seems like I put Penrose down squarely in the anti-AG camp. But in the referenced article, he says, “The question is sometimes asked, ‘Do we worship Adam?”” and then proceeds to sidestep and not give a definitive answer in the negative.

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