Wilford Woodruff: The Way Home. Part 2–Rumors.

13th (Prophet)(Patriarch) We obtained information this morning from quincy as late as June 29th. The Govonor had made Quincy his head Quarters for he could neither trust the people or Melitia in that region of Country. Had made a Proclamation to the citizens of the State, would protect either Party against an attact. The mormons had done all that Could be required of them. Still their appears to be a disposition of the people & troops to try to destroy Nauvoo. The Govonor acknowledges the death of the Prophet and Patriarch to be a wanton murder.

We do not obtain one word from any of our friends so that we can obtain anything Correct upon the subject. I hope we may get sumthing soon. I expect the mails are stoped. Mob spirit is rising through out the Country. Philadelphia is full of it. War is again Proclaimed against Texas by Mexico & the world is sheding the blood of Prophets, Patriarch and Saints in order to fill up their Cup.

14th I held meeting with the Saints to day in Franklin hall franklin st Boston. I preached in the forenoon administered the sacrament in the afternoon & Preached again in the evening. We had an interesting time. I had the spirit of Preaching. I spoke in the forenoon from Luke 21 ch. in the afternoon to the saints from the doctrins and covenants & my Journal, in the evening from Rev 14 Ch 6 7 & 8 verses & Rev 6 ch. 9, 10 & 11 verses. The house was Crowded through the day. I spent the night at Br Phelps.

15th I sent Mrs Phebe W. Woodruff Benn weekly herald containing cuts and accounts of the Philadelphia riots & of the death of Joseph & Hiram Smith.

16th As I arose in the morning Sister Phelps handed me two Letters one from Snow and one from J. E. Page both Confirming the death of the Patriarch and Prophet Joseph & Hyram Smith. I immediately wrote three letters & sent to Brigham Young one to Peterboro N.H. one to Lowell & one to Brab-ford Mass. I then went to the Post Office & took out a letters directed to G. A. Smith written mostly by his wife. Mrs Woodruff wrote a few lines in it to me the first intelligence I had from her since I left home. She related the following dream that Joseph Smith had a few days before he sealed * his testimony with his blood, about Wm. & Wilson Law:

He thought they bound him and cast him into prision a pit or well as Joseph was anciently. He struggled hard & got up so he could look out & he saw the Laws a little distance off one of them in the hands grasp of a tiger & the other a snake. They called to him to come & help them. He told them they had bound him & they could not. He thought a brother soon came along & took him out of the pit. *

I called upon Sister Voce 57 Temple St. Saw Sister Ruth Sayers who was with her. She also recieved a letter from her husband this day Dated Nauvoo June 30th & still confirmed the death of Joseph & Hiram Smith. Gave the whole particulars Concerning it.

17th I have never shed a tear since I heard of the death of the prophets untill this morning but my whole soul has felt nerved up like steel.

Elder B. Young arived in Boston this morning. I walked with him to 57 Temple st and called upon sister Voice. Br Young took the bed and I the big Chair, and I here veiled my face and for the first time gave vent to my grief and mourning for the Prophet and Patriarch of the Church Joseph and Hiram Smith who were murdered by a gentile mob. After being bathed by a flood of tears I felt composed. Elder Young left the city. I spent the night at Br Phelps.

3 Responses to Wilford Woodruff: The Way Home. Part 2–Rumors.

  1. ricke says:

    So sad!

  2. Amy T says:

    I had to refresh my memory on the Philadelphia Bible (Nativist) riots. I’ve wondered from time to time why Wilford Woodruff chose so many Irish politicians for his Eminent Men temple project in 1877, but the answer could consist of a number of events over the years including these riots that he found so interesting and that would have echoed the Saints’ struggles for religious liberty.

  3. WVS says:

    Interesting, Amy!

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