Wilford Woodruff: The Way Home. Part 4–My Father’s House

July 19th 1844 I borrowed $10 dollars of Br Bickford of Boston & gave my note for it and $5 dollars of Brother Wingate & gave my note for that. I received $12 dollars from Br John Hardy for 6 Books of T & S & $9 dollars for Books that Br Phelps sold for me. The above money is paid.

Br Reuben Hedlock address in Liverpool is 36 Chapel st. J. Hardy is 91 Commercial st Boston. I had a present of a Coat from sister Jones of Boston.

Br Samuel Dam wished me to send him all the Times and seasons Bound and the covenants & Book of mormon & he will pay the money. He spoke of Bying a lot of me. I spent the night at 57 Temple st.

20th I left Boston in rail car to westfield & Buggy to Br Ashbel Dewey’s on little River street.

Expenses $3. Spent the night with Br Deweys. 120 m.

21 Sunday I Preached in the school house forenoon and afternoon, & broke bread unto the Saints. They made me a contribution of $10 and Ashel Dewey let me have $10 on Br Sparks Book account, which I gave him an order for on Br Sparks. I recieved $1 dollar for the Temple from John J. Stocking. I recieved $1 dollar for the Temple from Elizabeth Easton. I recieved $4 dollars for the Temple from Maria Dewy. I recieved $10 dollars ina letter to go to a man in Nauvoo from Vinson Shirtliff from Russell Russell Depo Mass. Call upon Titus Billings & he will tell whare the letter is to go.

I took the parting hand with the Saints and rode to Simsbury. Called upon Aunt Cosset. Found her still deranged but better. Spent the night at Phelps Tavern. 25 miles.

22d (Home)(Home) I parted with the friends in Simsbury and rode to my Fathers house in farmington and was truly glad to once more behold the face of my Father and step mother. I found them alone not a child with them in their decline of life to watch their cares. I had but 24 hours to spend with them. I happily improved it. I never enjoyed a better visit with them.

My mind had been deeply impressed for weeks that I had sumthing to do for my parents before they died. Now was my time. My father was near seventy years of age. I might never see him again. That night I shall never forget while time endures. Eternity alone can ownly unfold the strength of its deeds. As the Sable Shades of night drew her Serene Curtin ore the earth to still the cares of day we met alone; none but congeniel spirits their.

Wilford arose and with the spirit of a Joseph towards his father Jacob opened his heart to his father and spoke his mind. The sentiment was re-cieved. I lade my hands upon my Father Aphek head (And according to the authority of the Priesthood and Apostleship confered upon me by the Revelations of Jesus Christ under the hands of the Twelve Apostles, President B. Young being mouth upon the cornor stone of the house of the Lord in far west in the land of Zion,) I ordained My father Aphek Woodruff unto the office of an high Priest and Patriarch after the order of Melchezedeck. I sealed him up unto eternal life. I placed upon his head the seals of the covenant. [indecipherable]

When all was oer it was right, my soul was satisfyed. I had accomplished what my soul longed after. My Dear father and stepmother retired. I was left alone: Alone did I say? No not alone. A congeniel spirit, A kindred spirit dwelt with me, around my * bed upon my briest, within my heart. 0 glorious night. Sleep departed from me. Meditations, seenes and visions of by gone days and days to come, formed my covering, my curtain. Who knows the sweets of obedience, the gospel, eternal truth? The Ancient Patriarch’s. So do we.

I shall never forget the last night I spent beneath my fathers Roof. I may never spend another there. O God protect my aged father, through life. Let the strength of Parental obligation rest with due wait upon my head. Console the heart of her who has watched my wants, my youth, my life, and when my mother rises from the grave let the union of my father be like a three fold cord not easily broaken. Let him stand in the linage of his fathers in his exhaltations. What I say unto one I say unto all. Watch, for thoughts dwell deep, but words pass away. (Vera amieitia est sempiterna.) 15 m.

23d Tuesday I took the parting hand with father and mother with great Satisfaction. A pecu-lier Charm was thrown around my soul as I left the threshhold of my fathers house, having the confidence that if I never see my father in the flesh again I shall meet him in the first resurrection. I had a desire in my heart that all the ordinances of the fulness of the gospel might also be administered unto father and mother Carter that they may sleep in peace. May God grant the request.

I rode in company with Landlord Phelps to the railroad depo in New Briten. Took rail road to New Haven. Spent 10 hours in the place mostly at Mr Tuttles. Was with Br Terrill. Did not see Br Davis. Took Steem Boat at 10 oclok. Arived at New York next morning. Distance from Farmington Ct. to New York 150 miles.

2 Responses to Wilford Woodruff: The Way Home. Part 4–My Father’s House

  1. J. Stapley says:

    I wish I had read this when before I wrote my adoption paper. This renders WW’s later life anguish over his child-to-parent sealing all the more poignant.

  2. WVS says:

    It’s going into the D&C 132 book somehow. I just haven’t figured that out yet. It’s a great bit.

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