Wilford Woodruff: The Way Home. Part 5–Brigham.

July 24th 1844 I Called at the Prophets office but no one at home. I then took steem Boat for Albany and found on board Elders O. Hyde and O Pratt and sister Sayers. I was truly pleased to meet with these friends. We rode to Albany and Troy. 166 mile. We there took rail cars for Buffaloo. At Schenactady we Joined Elders B Young H. C. Kimball and L. Wight making six of our quorum to accompany each other home. We rode all night.

25th We continued our Journey all day in the cars. Arived at Buffalo in the evening being 365 miles from Troy in 24 hours. Expenses of travelling and sundry articles from Westfield to Detroit $32.20.

26th Took steem Boat in the morning and in 24 hours arived at Cleavland. O Hyde left at fairport to visit his family in Kirtland.

27th We arived at Detroit in the evening on board the Buffalo. Spent the night at the rail road Hotel.

28th Sunday We took the propeller Hereles for Chicago at 10 oclok fare in Cabin $7. I spent a part of the day in writing. We had good state rooms and was Comfortable. We spoke of our families free-quently and the death of Joseph and Hiram. We felt anxious to get home.

I conversed with the quorum of the Twelve. Elder B. Young expressed his feelings to me upon a variety of subjects. Among others wished me to keep an account of things as he should look to me for his Journal some day. Brothers Kimbal and Pratt were quite sociable. As to Elder Lyman Wight we were always on good terms. We had an interesting time together. We talked over old times and looked forward to new ones. He informed me that Joseph told him while they were in Joal that he should not live to see forty years but told him not to reveal it untill he was dead. Br Wight as well as the rest of us feels his death deeply.

29th We had a plesent time in gliding smoothly over the bosom of the lakes.

30th We arived at the Macinnau. Stoped awile & got some fish took some indians in tow and went along. Their is a spirit manifesting itself through the boat of prejudice against us because we do not mingle with them in their nonsens and folly. Our spirits are not congeniel and they wish to speak evil of us while we walk uprightly. This spirit is manifest more or less throughout the gentile world.

31st The opposing spirit is still previlent through the boat. It is not plesant to be in the midst of it. We are travelling through the Michigan lake vary smoothly under different feelings from what I passed in 1841 with my family wreked on the Chesepek.

August 1st We stoped at Milwaka & racene. The lake smooth, But some spirits rough. We begin to feel in bondage among the gentiles. We arived in Chicago in the evening. Put up for the night in the lake street house. Had good accommodations and Cheep Breakfast and lodging. 37 1/2 cts. Distance from Buffalo to Chicago 1,100 miles.

2d Left Chicago friday morning. Took Stage for Galena. Paid fare $8. Rode all day and all night through a delightful farming Country but we had a bad road. Had to walk some. Had a heavy load. We did not rest much during the night.

3d Continued our Journey through the day and night still through a splendid Country. The Country began to be rough as we drew towards Galena. We arived in Galena Sunday morning about 8 oclok. Distance from Chicago to Galena by Stage 160 miles. Fare $8. Board $1.75.

Sunday 4th We all arived here almost exhausted with fatigue, being 48 hours in the stage without stoping ownly to take our meals & over a rough road. We stoped for the day and night at the America House, washed up, changed our clothing & spent most of the day abed trying to get some rest. I walked out through the evening in the town to take a view of Galena. It is built in the side of a mountain on the bank of the river. A rough place. I should judge about 3,000 inhabitents. The buildings generally small. Some good houses. I dreamed during the night of seeing Br Asahel at Farmington Ct. at fathers house.

Aug 5th Monday This is the day of election in this state. Their will probably be some fighting and perhaps some blood shed as men are geting wicked and about ripe for judgment. Their was some fighting in the bar room below last evening but nothing vary serious. Elder Kimball had a dream last evening. Thought he was preaching to a large Congregation. Said the Prophet Joseph Smith had laid the foundation for a great work and it was now for us to build upon it. He thought Br Joseph was present and appeared natural. We took the steemer st Croix and left Galena for Nauvoo. We had a plesant sail through the day and evening, though some unplesant feelings during the evening.

6th We stoped at various places on the river among others Burlington, after which we prepared our minds to once more behold the City of Nauvoo & embrace our families & friends. We arived in the city of Nauvoo at 8 oclock in the evening at the upper stone house. We were hailed with Joy by all the Citizens we met. I accompanied the quorum of the Twelve to their families after which I was conveyed to my own and truly felt to rejoice to once more embrace my wife and Children.

I spent the night at home with my family. Thus it is with me. I have not spent but one summer either at home or with the church, for the last 10 years as my lot has been all the day long in the vineyard. I go and come from year to year. Distance from Galenia to Nauvoo 250 m.

When we landed in the City there was a deep gloom seemed to rest over the City of Nauvoo which we never experienced before.

Aug 7th 1844 I went forth this morning through the city of Nauvoo. Saw many friends & met with the quorum of the twelve at Elder Taylors. We were truly glad to see each other. Br Taylor was getting well of his wounds that he recieved in Jail in company with Joseph and Hiram Smith when they were murdered. We were glad to see Dr Richards who escaped unhurt. We were recived with gladness by the Saints throughout the city. They felt like sheep without a shepherd, as being without a father, as their head had been taken away.

We spent the fore part of the day at Br Tay-lors, and in the afternoon, we met in Council at the Seventies Hall, viz the Twelve, High Council, and High Priest &c. & we herd Sidney Rigdon tell his Story and message which he had to us and the Church. A long Story it was a kind of second Class vision. He said he was appointed to come and offer himself to lead the Church, and many things was said. He was followed by Br Brigham Young and he showed that their could not be any one before the Twelve. A conference was appointed for the whole Church to come together on Tuesday next at 10 oclok.

8th Their was a meeting appointed at the grove for the Church to come together for Prayers. But in consequence of some excitement among the People and a dispositions by some spirits to try to divide the Church, it was thought best to attend to the business of the Church in the afternoon that was to be attended to on Tuesday. The Twelve spent their time in the fore part of the day at the office and in the afternoon met at the grove. The following is the business of the day:

{) All the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in and about Nauvoo met in a special Conference in the grove in Nauvoo at 3 oclock. The quorum of the Twelve, Councillors S. Rigdon & A Lyman, the High Council, and others occupied the Stand. The High Priest quorum, & quorum of the Seventies and Elders, Bishops, Priests, Teachers & deacons appeared in their several quorums and took their seats and also a vast Congregation of Saints.

When all was seated that Could get seats President B. Young arose and said Attention. All this congregation makes me think of the days of king Benjamin when the People was so great that they Could not make them hear. But we want your attention.

Wm. W Phelps was called upon to address the throne of grace which he did do most fervently. President B Young again arose and said let none complain because of the situation of the congregation. We have all done the best we could.

For the first time in my life for the first time in your lives, for the first time in the kingdom of God do I step forth to act in my capacity in connexion with the quorum of the Twelve as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto the People and to bear of the keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world. And for the first time are you Called to walk by faith not by sight. For always before you have had a Prophet as the mouth of the Lord to speak to you. But he has sealed his testimony with his Blood.

I now want to ask each of you to tell me if you want to chuse a gardeen, a Prophet evangelist or sumthing els as your head to lead you. All that are in favor of it make it manifest by raising the right hand. No hands raised. All that wants to draw away a party from the Church after them let them do it if they can, but they will not prosper.

I now wish to speak of the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Sidney Rigdon and Amasa Lyman were Counsellors to Joseph. I ask whare is Joseph? He is gone beyound the vail, and for them to act in their office as his Councillors they must go beyond the veil whare he is.

Their has been much said about President Rigdon being president of the Church leading the People, being the head, &c. If the People want President Rigdon to lead them, they may have him. But I say unto you that the quorum of The Twelve have the keys of the kingdom of God in all the world. They stand next to Joseph and are the Presidency of the Church, and hold the keys and would have to ordain any man unto that appointment if one that should be Chosen ie. if one was to be chosen. You Cannot appoint any man at our head. We should have to ordain him. You Cannot appoint a man at our head. But if you want any other man to lead you, take him, and we will go our way to build up the kingdom in all the world.

Perhaps some think that president Rigdon would not be honord. But if he does right he will not act against our Council nor we aginst his but act together. But I repeat again No man can stand at our head. The Prophet Joseph has lade the foundation for a great work, and we will build upon it.

Do you want a Patriarch for the whole Church? It would have been the right of Samuel Smith if he had lived, but he is dead. William is left and John Smith. It is their right. Do you want a trustee in trust? If so look at a bishop. It is their place to attend to temporal matters. They never yet have acted in their Station.

Elder S. Rigdon Claims to be a spokesman to Joseph. Vary well he is. But can he now act in that office? If he wants now to be a spokesman to the prophet, he must go [to] the other side of the veil for the Prophet is there. But Elder Rigdon is here. Why will Elder Rigdon be a fool?

Let those who holds the keys of the Kingdom of God build it up in all the world. If their is a spokesman if he is a king and Priest let him go and build up a kingdom. This is his right, and it is the right of many here. But who is the head? The Twelve. If one Thousand rise up and say they have the Prophets Joseph shoes I know they are impostures. If you know how the Church is organized I wish to ask a question. Now If you want Rigdon Lyman or Law to lead you or any body els, you may have them. But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man Can put another between the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph. Why? Because Joseph was their file leader and he has Committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. Dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God. I will ask who has stood next to Joseph and Hiram? I have and I will stand next to him. We have a head, and that head is the Twelve and we can begin to see the neccessity of the Apostleship. I will now Close and give way for my brethren.

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