The New General Relief Society President: God Can Make Your Ordinariness into Something More

General Relief Society President, Jean Bingham:

“Growing up, although I enjoyed learning, I was not the top student in any class. I cannot boast of any expert skills. … I was never asked to the prom, I wasn’t the president of anything, I was never one of the popular group.

“Even in my ‘ordinariness,’ Heavenly Father saw value, and has helped me begin to develop the gifts and graces He knows will help me become all that He has designed me to be. Know that your Heavenly Father will provide all that you need to become extraordinary as a daughter of God.

“Relief Society has changed over the years — and has changed me over the years. To paraphrase, ‘it’s not just your grandma’s Relief Society.’”

“If you have had a less-than-comfortable experience at Relief Society, remember that we are all learning, so persist in loving your sisters.

“As Emma Smith, the first Relief Society president, phrased it in 1842, ‘We are going to do extraordinary things!’ You may not realize it yet, but Relief Society can help you accomplish extraordinary things.

“So, what ‘extraordinary thing’ will you choose to do? . . . choose something according to your available time and resources.”

Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency:

“When I was 13 years old, my Beehive teacher told the nine of us in the class that according to statistics at least one of us in the circle wouldn’t get married. I looked around the group and thought to myself, ‘Well, of course it won’t be me.’ … But surprisingly to me I haven’t ended up marrying in this life, and I don’t have my children with me right now. This was a physical grief I could hardly bear for many years.

“God wants us to help each other with our problems. And Relief Society is the place where we are united to do it.

“I didn’t have to quote the handbook and memorize the presidents from Emma Smith to Linda Burton and dress up every day in pearls and make my voice sound reverent. My job in Relief Society is simply to lift and build others.”

Reyna Aburto, second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency:

“My thoughts went back to the time when I was living in San Francisco, California, and I was at a crucial crossroad in my life. I had just made the painful decision to divorce my first husband after years of trying to help him get out of a horrible trap of alcohol and drug addiction. We had a three-year-old little boy by then, and my soul was full of questions, fears, and longings for me and my son.

Sister Aburto and her mother were invited to attend church by a Mormon missionary couple. She said, “As I stepped into that Church meetinghouse, a warm feeling embraced me. I knew I was in a safe place; I knew that I could find peace in there and that ‘something extraordinary’ was going to happen in my life. I had found something that I did not know I had been missing.”

“For me, Relief Society has been the relationships that I have made with faithful women, the love that I have felt from and for other sisters as we have worked together on ‘the errand of angels,’ Relief Society can be a safe haven for us.”

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