Textual Studies of the Doctrine and Covenants: Plural Marriage Rev (D&C132) -podcast at Gospel Tangents

The other day I had a chance to sit down with Rick Bennett who operates the Gospel Tangents podcast. We talked about my new book on Doctrine and Covenants section 132. Rick’s a great interviewer and I hope I came across ok. Rick said that the episode may be out soon, so watch for that. I’ve done a couple of other interviews and there are a few more coming up. You can find Gospel Tangents here.

I wrote a brief summary of section 132 here, and a very short video on the book, here. Thanks to Brian Whitney of Kofford Books for engineering that.

The official release date for the book is February 27, 2018, but Amazon already has it in the queue. Here’s the official Kofford page.

Thanks to all who had a hand in producing the book, including the many hours Loyd Ericsson and Brian Whitney and others put into editing and to all the scholars I was able to draw from and the many excellent staff librarians at the archives I visited. I especially want to acknowledge my fellow bloggers at BCC who put up with my explorations of Mormonism including section 132 there that formed an outline for thinking about the revelation for me. They’ve been a great support. Finally, I want to thank Brad Kramer (at the time with Kofford) who convinced me that there was a book in me on this topic.

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