BOAP (The Book of Abraham Project) Click Here for More Info

You will find things here that have something to do with Joseph Smith. Right now, it’s notes about our book tentatively titled, “The Funeral Sermons of Joseph Smith, a Critical Edition.” Everything written here at present is the fault of W. V. Smith. Professor of Mathematics, BYU. I sometimes sign posts with my initials, WVS. If you’re interested in Book of Abraham things, you can also read a (rough) draft of a book manuscript A Joseph Smith Commentary on the Book of Abraham. Email: (boap at) boap (dot) org.

The views expressed here are entirely my own, and do not in any way represent those of Brigham Young University or its sponsoring institution, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

6 Responses to BOAP (The Book of Abraham Project) Click Here for More Info

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  3. Darren Depeel says:

    Hello, I stumbled across your commentary on the Book of Abraham and really liked what I read of it. When will this come out in book format?

    • W. V. Smith says:

      That’s a good question. Right now it is on the back burner, in favor of another book. We’ll get back to it at some point. A considerable amount of research has taken place in the last year or two which will have to be incorporated. Thanks for your interest.

  4. grego says:

    Hi, I always get a problem with timing out when I try to reach–is the site down, down at just certain times, or is probably a “me here” thing? Thanks for any response!

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