Appreciating Historiography: Jonathan Grimshaw and George A. Smith

Sitting here recovering from a little carving by an MD, I thought I’d express some thanks.

Most Mormons would be ignorant of the position the two men in the post title hold in regard to the ways we appreciate Joseph Smith. By appreciate, I suppose I really mean apprehend, as a body, as a Church. I’ve posted about Grimshaw before, and it is important not to underestimate him, but Smith was a careful supervisor of the work of the Historian’s office of the 1850s in Utah, with his marks being left in sometimes subtle but important ways. While the kind of ultra-careful and transparent work currently taking place with say, the Joseph Smith Papers Project[1] is not in evidence, the staff was diligent, sacrificing personally in many ways to do the work of documenting the rise of the Church, Joseph Smith’s life and the contemporary prospects of the kingdom.
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