Errata for Joseph Smith Papers Revelations and Translations: Manuscript Revelation Books

I thought I had put this up, but no. So here is the link to the errata for this landmark volume. I may have noted that the collector’s edition is available, if so, consider this a second notice for that. I’m sure there are copies left, if you want one ($225.00 if I recall). You can contact Esther Recksiek at the SLC Deseret Book store for info I think. They also have a coll. ed. of the Monson bio ($145), and McConkie’s Messiah series ($500) (150 sets $10 shipping).

I’m actually going to finish the series of posts on D&C 10. It’s just been a busy time.

Joseph Smith Papers, journals – vol. 1-Errata

If you got Journals vol. 1 for Christmas, you can find the errata here. It’s actually interesting reading (ok, for history dorks maybe). Print it, fold it up and stick it in your book! Have a good one.