Faith Alone

Recently I saw this contribution to the book Bountiful Harvest: Essays in Honor of S. Kent Brown (Provo, 2012). Brown’s career is full of careful if understated scholarship on religion and the Ancient Near East. This book is well-deserved and a fine addition to any library. One particular contribution to the collection is by Kevin L. Barney, titled “‘Faith Alone’ in Romans 3:28 JST.” You can read this online here. I recommend a read for an illuminating excursion through some of the issues surrounding the post title.

Classical Scattering and The Convergence of Science and Religion?

In the mid 1960s the theory of classical wave motion took a leap ahead with an incredibly simple idea. A formalism allowing a single family of equations to describe seemingly diverse phenomena like wave motion in plasmas and other conducting fluids, the propagation of light (electromagnetic waves) and sound in complex media, seismic waves, electric waves on transmission lines, even the movement of fish larvae in ocean currents.
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Lorenzo Snow, His Pre-Mormon Thoughts at Oberlin

So another review post. I’ve become fascinated by Lorenzo Snow. His thinking was deep, interesting and rather unique among Mormons. An intellectual among New England farmers, his success as a Mormon leader was due in part to remarkable inspiration and considerable hard-headedness.(grin) These two posts relate a letter from Lorenzo to his sister Eliza while Snow was studying at Oberlin College. His frankness and self-confidence show themselves, while ideas that would mark his later religious thought peak through. Moreover, it seems clear that he regards his sister as a worthy sounding board.

Part I

Part II