James Adams, a Remarkable Mormon, and the Subject of a Remarkable Sermon. Part 1. Introduction.

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Joseph Smith was an intensely loyal family man and that attachment was mirrored in Church structure. Family members played important roles in the LDS hierarchy. His father was a member of the Church presidency for a period and also served as the first “patriarch.”[1] His brothers held prominent Church offices. He continued to mourn the loss of older brother Alvin, 20 years later. His wife led the women of the Church in the formal women’s organization, the Nauvoo Female Relief Society.[2]
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Maturity. The Evolution of Man.

This evening I was sitting in a small recording studio, listening to a friend’s daughter deliver a vocal recital. During the (very skilled and moving) performance, I began to look around the room a bit, seeing other friends, relatives and siblings of the performer and some who I did not know. That, and the music inspired in me a rather melancholy feeling about evolution. Not the kind that is associated with Darwin however.
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Millions Shall Know

Last night in the general priesthood meeting of the LDS general conference, my oldest son and I were sitting down front in the conference center. For the “rest” song, we sang W. W. Phelps’ hymn into which he poured his own eloquent feelings (and perhaps a little regret for the past) about Joseph Smith. The phrase, “millions shall know Brother Joseph again” always gets me. I choke up and can’t finish the song. I wondered if my youngest son, in the Brazilian MTC, was listening to those words with me. I hope so. I wish him powerful testimony.