“Learn How to Live and How to Die”

Much of Joseph Smith’s preaching about death was meant to compel his listeners to faith. Over the years of my own life I have seen death. Even if you don’t experience death as it was in the early 19th century, if you live long enough, you will see it impact your life.

I have buried a son, a brother, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and unrelated friends. Looking at death as inevitable has become a routine matter. But what is it for us survivors? It is first and foremost, loss. Whatever theology one subscribes to, or to no theology at all, this is the universal fact. The dead don’t come back. You don’t find him or her sleeping in their bed the next morning after the funeral.

They are gone.
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William, Rosanna and Ephraim Marks–Sources?

I’m away from home, and hence away from archive heaven, but not wanting to be completely idle, I’m asking for a favor–.

One of Joseph Smith’s funeral sermons that is extant to some reasonable degree is one delivered for 24 year old Ephraim Robinson Marks. Son of William and Rosanna Marks, the cause of death is obscure. In many ways the sermon was classically Protestant in flavor. But not all. William and Rosanna were prominent Nauvoo Mormons. Ephraim, like so many other people in Nauvoo, seems to be invisible.

I’ve not really burned any candles over Ephraim as yet (I mean in the sense of extensive study, not ritual!), but if you happen to know something about him, associates, reputation, his family, his parents, etc., how about sharing such sources. You can email me (see to the right) or comment here, as you please. I won’t respond unless you wish it. Yes, I want to poach your sources.
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