Jonathan Edwards Center Announces New Sermon Initiative. You Become the Editor.

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New Volume of Jonathan Edwards Sermons

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale notes that Wipf and Stock has published a new volume of Edwards sermons:

Sermons by Jonathan Edwards on the Matthean Parables, Volume 1. Edited by Ken Minkema, Adriaan C. Neele and Bryan McCarthy.
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Preaching Manuals, The Eighteenth Century, Jonathan Edwards and Joseph Smith

The Sermon Culture of the America prior to Joseph Smith’s advent was dominated by several important figures. Certainly the most well known of the 18th century was Jonathan Edwards. While Joseph Smith rarely penned much of anything, and never wrote down a sermon, he had stock topics that he returned to with some frequency.

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Summer Course June 13-17, 2011. Jonathan Edwards as Pastoral Theologian

Using selected sermons by Edwards, this course, taught by the staff of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale, will highlight themes and lessons in his thought and pastoral experience that can be understood historically and applied contemporaneously. Selections will include classic as well as previously unpublished sermons and supporting materials. See for registration Summer Term at Sterling Divinity Quadrangle.