Journal of Priddy Meeks

Early Mormon Priddy Meeks was a Lobelia Doctor and his reminiscences are filled with fascinating medical opinions and experiences as well as much of early Utah pioneer life. You can now find a copy at The Journal of Priddy Meeks. Enjoy.

Wilford Woodruff and the CHL

Today for most of the afternoon I was at the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake City. My mission was to correct a little problem in chapter 6 of the funeral sermon book. A couple of years ago, when I was making typographical facsimiles[1] of source documents (which will be in the book) I was being very careful to triple check transcriptions. But for some reason, I failed in this when it came to the sermon in chapter 6 (the subject of chapter 6 is Joseph Smith’s sermon of March 10, 1844). I seem to have made just one pass at Wilford Woodruff’s journal account. Now I’ve been reading Woodruff’s journal off and on since the early 70s. (It’s worth repeating that read.) I have a sort of summary of his journal entries that focus on what you might call “the good stuff.”
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Alexander Neibaur – Nauvoo Journal

Hugh Nibley’s great grandfather, Alexander Neibaur, was a Mormon convert who emigrated to Nauvoo, Ill. in 1841. His short Nauvoo journal is available now at It contains an interesting account of shipboard problems when Neibaur sailed from Liverpool to New Orleans. Neibaur tutored Joseph Smith in German, and Smith related several interesting incidents which Neibaur reports in his journal.