D&C 10. Part 3. Text Evolution in Verses 1-19.

This continues part 1 and part 2 of the discussion. I’ve been very busy lately and have not had time to complete the discussion of D&C 10. However, this part has been in the can for some time, and so I thought I should put it up to prove I have not disappeared! Enjoy.

Like many of Joseph Smith’s canonical revelations, the text of D&C 10 underwent modification over time. In this part we look at text evolution from the Book of Commandments imprint to the 1835 D&C for verses 1-19 of the latter (that text is very close to the current LDS 1981 edition and we use its verse structure for ease of reference). We repeat the parallel texts (in a modified way) from part 2 for this purpose. Altered text is in red, eliminated text in blue:
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