Prepublication Note: Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, vol. 3

Maybe you can class this as rumor. 😉 I just saw Pete Crawley over at the library. He told me he’s about a month away from handing over the ms for vol. 3. Just checking sources now. This series has been a big help to me in spots. I highly recommend the first 2 volumes. Vol. 3 will again be published by the Religious Studies Center at BYU. Vol. 3 goes up through 1857. Pete says this date represents a sea-change in Mormon imprints.

Joseph Smith’s Dispensational Transition: Elias to Elijah to Messiah

[A prerequisite to understanding this post is a solid reading of its base text here.]

In Joseph Smith’s “first” King Follett discourse (March 10, 1844) he codifies a bit of Mormonism that had been fluttering around its edges from the beginning: the transition from beginning the movement to fleshing it out. There are many ways this plays out between 1820 and 1844. As Pete Crawley astutely observed: Read more of this post