The Summer Review: “In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

It’s summer. The crush of events at work and at home means I’ll be posting some items from the past for a while. I’m starting with one of most consistently popular things to ever appear here. So here you go, back from the archives:


Mormons end virtually every public sermon, testimony, lesson, prayer, etc. with these words. Why? A number of scriptural justifications could be offered. But I’m more interested in the sermon angle. After sitting through the Saturday conference sessions, I wondered when this tradition started in Utah Mormonism. It doesn’t seem to be shared by other Joseph Smith-based faith traditions, at least that I can see with a cursory review. It was not used regularly as a sermon tag line in Nauvoo. And believe me, I’ve looked at that. (But see Joseph’s blessing ending on April 13, 1843 for example.)
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Expansion of “Presidents” File at

So we have gradually added some more Hinckley addresses.  I think we are up through October 2000 now.  I was especially impressed with President Hinckley’s addresses for the Sunday morning and afternoon sessions of October 2000, which included his dedicatory prayer for the conference center and his instructions about the Hosanna Shout.  I thought his own expression about this in the afternoon was interesting and significant.


We’ll probably start slipping in some more “non conference” addresses when time allows.