D&C 10. Part 6. Verses 42-70.

Part 5 is here.

The earliest text for verses 1-41 of D&C 10 is the Book of Commandments. However, an earlier copy of verses 42-70 is found in Revelation Book 1 (the Book of Commandments and Revelations ms published in the opening volume of the Joseph Smith Papers’ Revelations and Translations series). The RB 1 dates this entry to April 1829. But there may be reasons to think of it as somewhat later than this.
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Make a Critical Text!

Want a fun little exercise? Try taking a few of the summaries of addresses given at the recent conference like here for example, and here for example, there are several others, and try reconstructing what was actually said. Or at least try to give some guarantee that you can give a few of the exact spoken words (no fair using transcripts or video/audio!). Then compare your careful pains taking work with the online video or audio or your own recordings. Miss anything important? Oh, by the way, if you happen to have actually seen and heard the addresses, perhaps even close up in the conference center, how well does your reconstruction match the sensory experience of the address(es)? Good luck!