Jonathan Grimshaw and Honorable Doubts, Part 3.

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By 1855, Jonathan had been involved in all the activities of the LDS Church Historian’s Office. He spent considerable time copying Joseph Smith’s (JS) sermons from diaries or other records. The complete list of sermons with which he was involved in some way is unknown because the clerks failed to give those details in many instances. As far as our book (Funeral Sermons of JS) goes, Grimshaw was involved with the March 10, 1844 sermon, the April 7, 1844 sermon and perhaps others in the string of “Follett” sermons (April 8, May 12 and June 16, 1844) and possibly earlier ones. The methods of the clerks and historians were reasonable for the times but by modern standards suspect. Copy-texts, as we might call them, were often previous printings of versions of the sermons which in some cases were rather imperfect representations of the primary sources. Read more of this post