Book sale. 30% off.

I know you’ve all be waiting to buy my book on D&C 132 because you believe there will be some kind of excellent holiday deal. Well, you’re correct. If you order the book on December 1 or December 6, you’ll get 30% off. You have to buy it from to get the deal. If you feel like giving it to your friends (or perhaps even enemies) too, you can pull off free shipping. Here’s the link:…/p…/textual-studies-plural-marriage

Remember, the deal is only good on those two days. If you’re interested in an ebook instead, stay tuned for a sale on December 12.

2 Responses to Book sale. 302 off.

  1. cjp says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the ebook sale as a gift for my Dad. Will that be on Dec. 12 on amazon as I didn’t see an ebook option on kofford books? Thanks!

    • WVS says:

      The ebook thing is a flash sale on the Kofford site the day of the sale (Dec 12). They didn’t give details beyond that but I’ll ask.

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