A Note on One Eternal Round

I was talking to an editor for Nibley’s last book “One Eternal Round.” The book has been both a chore and full of interesting choices. Hugh left about 20 drafts for each chapter it seems, meaning 20 very different write ups for each chapter, roughly. So you could kind of pick and choose which to take, but of course try to form a cohesive whole.
In any case, there will probably be considerable material left over when the book comes out next year(?) It has been a fun and tedious exercise. So this post kind of violates the charter, but what are rules for anyway? The next one may as well. BTW, I remember asking Hugh about this project some years back and I could tell he was very enthused and a bit frustrated by it. Meanwhile his editor at that point just kind of threw up his hands and said, finalize on something… probably a mistake. He would turn in a draft and then ask for it back because some entirely different approach would occur to him – over and over.


3 Responses to A Note on One Eternal Round

  1. Greg says:

    I am finally glad it was published though. I waited over 20 years for this book. I just wish they would make the other drafts available. Who knows what little tidbits are in them. In any case, I recently wrote an introductory post on Hamlet’s Mill for those who are interested in this book that Nibley quoted from often in One Eternal Round and in his other works. It is well worth studying and a companion piece on this work.

    • W. V. Smith says:

      Well, don’t hold your breath for it, but it is possible that the many alternate versions may trickle out. It will involve a considerable amount of work, depending on what is decided. Perhaps the whole batch will just be available for study at some point.

  2. Greg says:

    That would be nice – just put the notes in a PDF and that would be wonderful…

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